Adamson School of Motoring  based in Holywell has been a well established independant family run business for the past 45 years. My father,  Paul Adamson first began teaching in 1968, and built up a solid, reliable business.  He earned himself a good reputation and an excellent first time pass rate. My Sister (Ann) followed in his footsteps in 1979 along with her husband (Alan) in 1982 and then came my brother (Dave) in 1984.

I joined the business in 1987 and took over the reigns in 1993. I’ve been a qualified instructor for 26 years and have been running the business for 20 years. I still maintain the same high standard of teaching that my father had taught me and my family, incorporating all the new rules and regulations that have been introduced by the government and D.V.S.A. over the years.



I teach my pupils on a one to one basis by putting them at ease and explaining to them in a way that’s clear and easy to understand. I know they are nervous and tense in the beginning this is a completely natural. Usually after a few lessons these feelings disappear. I then categorize the lessons into these groups.

  • Introduction to the car and its controls, and all safety aspects.
  • Road procedure, learning to handle car and dealing with others on the roads.
  • Independent driving as required on the test itself.
  • Learning the Highway Code and Hazard Perception in readiness for the Theory Test.
  • Mock testing up to Driving Test standard.
  • Show me tell me, knowledge of inside, outside of car, and car engine.